How to Take a Step-by-step Approach to Helping Your Aging Adult Exercise

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

October 6, 2017

Starting a new exercise program that is going to last for the rest of your elderly family member’s life is not something you should leave to chance.  It’s better to start out with a plan that helps build habits that keep the plan going.

Caregiver in Mt. Lebanon PA: Helping Your Aging Adult Exercise
Caregiver in Mt. Lebanon PA: Helping Your Aging Adult Exercise

Always Start at her Doctor’s Office
Even if your aging adult’s doctor told her six months ago that she needs to exercise, talk to her doctor before you set up an exercise plan.  This allows you to find out exactly how much exercise your elderly family member needs and what types of exercise are right for her.  This gives you your starting point.
Choose Simple Activities
Instead of going for complicated activities or time-consuming workouts, opt for simple activities that don’t require lots of special equipment.  Walking is often recommended because it’s excellent exercise, your senior doesn’t need specialized equipment, and it’s something your elderly family member already does.
Don’t Overdo It
Whether your elderly family member chooses walking or water aerobics, too much is too much.  Start out slowly and let your aging adult work up to exercising a little more strenuously or for a longer duration.  There’s no need to train like there’s a marathon coming up.  Just a little bit more movement than normal can do great things for your senior’s body and mind.
Make Exercise Social
Everything is better when there are other people involved, especially exercise.  There are plenty of senior groups that have exercise meetups or your elderly family member might have some friends who all want to start exercising together.  If transportation is something your aging adult is worried about, consider hiring eldercare providers who can make sure she gets where she needs to go.
Stick with It
Your aging adult might feel as if she should start seeing results right away, especially if exercise is so fantastic for her.  The reality is that it takes a while to see the results she’s looking for.  It’s better to look at exercise as a lifelong practice that is going to continue serving your elderly family member.
The easier that you make exercise for your aging adult, the more effective your plan will be. Keep things simple and uncomplicated as much as you can.

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