Preparing an Aging Parent for Winter

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

December 2, 2016

Caregiver in Sewickley PA

This time of year may still be considered fall, but many parts of the United States have already experienced snowy, winter-type weather conditions. If your area has not had its first snowfall yet, then there is a good chance it will be headed your way in the near future, unless you live in California, Arizona, or other dessert-type locations. As long as your elderly parent is prepared for the Caregiver-in-Sewickley-PAcooler weather, there is nothing for them to worry about.
Preparing for winter is not something that older adults are often able to do because of their chronic health conditions or slower moving bodies. With the help of caregivers and these tips, your elderly loved one will be ready to face whatever Mother Nature has in store.

  • Check lighting. Since it will be getting dark earlier, it is important the senior is able to see the slippery ground in front of them. Check your loved one’s outdoor lighting to make sure it is bright enough to light their way when they are outside.
  • Make sure water drains are facing the correct way. The water drains should be facing away from outdoor steps and landings. This is because the water that comes out of these drains will freeze once it gets cold outside. If it is too close to a walkway or outdoor steps, it will make these areas much more slippery and singe roux for older adults to walk on.
  • Schedule a heating system cleaning. The heating system has to be working properly I order to keep the older adult warm during the upcoming cold months. However, the system could get blocked, preventing an adequate amount of heat to get out. Schedule a heating system cleaning to be done by a professional to make sure it is working properly by the time your loved one needs it.
  • Sand the sidewalks. Keep the sidewalks and outdoor walking areas clear of ice by adding sand or salt to these slippery patches.
  • Hire help. Professional caregivers can help the elder by shoveling snow from their sidewalks and walkways in order to keep these areas clean and easy to walk through. You can also check with a local senior center to ask about volunteers who would be willing to shovel their sidewalks for them.
  • Prepare for an emergency. Even by following these tips, there is no way to guarantee that your love done will be completely safe during winter. If they do injure themselves, have. An emergency plan in place. This includes having a charged cell phone with a list of emergency contacts next to it, as well as an emergency kit in their vehicle. This kit can include blankets, flashlights, enough medication for a few days, snacks, water, their cell phone, and a charger.


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