April is National Humor Month

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

March 24, 2016

Caregiver in Squirrel Hill PA

It is easy for family caregivers to get stressed out.  Between caregiving, raising a family, working, managing schedules, balancing budgets, and more, family caregivers often find themselves feelingCaregiver-in-Squirrel-Hill-PA exhausted, overwhelmed, and overworked.  However, many family caregivers know that reducing stress is essential to being a great caregivers, staying healthy, and enjoying life.  But, many stress relieving activities require time commitments that family caregivers are unable to make, leaving them feeling frustrated and wondering where to turn.  Fortunately, there is one little thing that can help caregivers to smile more and stress less – humor.  In fact, laughter can help all people to reduce stress, have a healthy heart, have a happy mood, reduce pain, and even strengthen the immune system – health benefits that all family caregivers could certainly use!  April is observed as National Humor Month, a time to stop stressing and start laughing, and a perfect time for caregivers to beat stress by laughing it off.  For caregivers in need of some “humor therapy,” here are a few ways to celebrate this National Humor Month:
Watch a Comedy
This is something the whole family can enjoy.  Gather your children, elderly loved one, and other family members together to watch a family-friendly comedy movie.  Enjoy some popcorn and laughs as you ease your mind for an hour or two.  You are likely to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and in great spirits afterward!
Read a Funny Book
Take a break from your usual reading and try reading a funny book.  There are many popular books written by comedians that are easy reads that will leave you laughing out loud.  Unlike thrillers or suspense novels, humorous books will incite happy, more carefree emotions.
Try a Short Video When You’re Short on Time
Thanks to Youtube, short funny videos are accessible, easy to watch, and seemingly endless.  When you get a spare moment in your day, spend the time watching a short, funny video to bring a smile to your face.  Cats and dogs doing silly things always make for great short videos!
Have a Family Game Night
Everyone is bound to get a few laughs when you get together to play a fun game such as charades, Pictionary, or even a trivia game.  In addition to getting the benefits of laughter, you and your family members will enjoy spending time together and making happy memories.

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