What Are the Benefits of Exercise for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease?

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

November 4, 2016

Elder Care in Pittsburgh PA

Exercise can do quite a bit for your elderly loved one, especially if she has Alzheimer’s disease. These are just a few of the results your loved one can experience.Elder-Care-in-Pittsburgh-PA
Can Improve Daily Routines
If you find that your elderly loved one has a difficult time managing her daytime and nighttime routines, adding regular exercise into the mix can work better than you might think. Some loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease aren’t able to keep day and night neatly boxed and having an exercise plan in place can help them to differentiate.
Can Help to Promote Sleep
Regular exercise works your loved one’s muscles and joints, which can help to tire her body out. This can lead to both better sleep and more regular sleep. The added benefit there is that the better your loved one sleeps at night, the more likely she is to be alert during the day. This can help quite a bit if you’re finding her drifting more than usual.
Can Lower Anxiety
Wandering is a habit that many people with Alzheimer’s disease develop. It’s closely linked to anxiety and many of the solutions involve helping your loved one to feel safer and more secure. Another way to help calm anxiety, though, is through exercise because of the chemicals the brain releases both during and after exercise.
Can Help to Prevent Falls
As your loved one continues her exercise plan, she may find herself less prone to falling. This happens because her muscles are getting stronger, her balance is improving, and her joints are getting more movement each day. All of that contributes heavily to having a much better sense of balance and as a result, less chance that she’ll fall.
Can Give Your Loved One a Sense of Accomplishment
When your loved one has a goal to strive for, it’s empowering to accomplish it. With a simple goal such as exercising for a set period of time or performing to a certain level, your loved one can feel that sense of accomplishment when she finishes her workout. It’s a great way to give her an emotional boost.
Work with your loved one’s elder care providers to help you come up with a daily routine that includes rest, good food, and plenty of exercise.

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