Is It Reasonable for Someone with Alzheimer’s to Remain Home?

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

February 24, 2017

Elder Care in Robinson Township PA

It’s one of the most common questions family members have when an elderly loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The senior wants to remain home for the rest of their life but those family members, most often adult children, believe they would be better suited to move.Elder-Care-in-Robinson-Township-PA
Many of these family members think that moving is going to solve a lot of problems. Some recommend their loved ones move in with them and their family. Others talk about various senior care options. Home care support may be beneficial at helping those individuals diagnosed with this form of dementia stay comfortable and safe at home.
It’s reasonable, with the right support.
Early on, shortly after diagnosis, the senior is going to appear as though he or she is fully capable of taking care of himself or herself. They may only need a few reminders and some minimal support. If they are dealing with the effects of diminished strength due to age, they may require more physical support, but that has nothing to do with the disease itself.
Family often means well, but …
Most family members, especially adult children, want the best for their parents. When they notice them struggling with certain aspects of daily life, they may step up to be a primary caregiver, but if they have no prior experience supporting somebody with Alzheimer’s, they could miss some incredible opportunities that will pay dividends in the years ahead.
It’s important to realize the value of an experienced home care aide. There are numerous caregivers and agencies operating in the area in most regions across the country, so contacting an agency to learn more about the services is a great early step.
Understand the various stages.
Alzheimer’s will progress through various stages. When you understand the stages, you have a better foundation upon which to offer the kind of support and assistance this senior will need.
Talk about the future with the senior.
It’s easy to make assumptions about what the senior wants or is willing to accept, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing. It’s a good idea to sit down and have a clear conversation about future expectations, limitations, and what the senior will refer when the time comes for the next level of support.
If somebody wishes to remain home, they need to seriously consider hiring a home care aide. The sooner they do that, the more comfortable it will be for them in the years ahead.

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