How to Make Errands and Other Outings Easier for a Loved One with Vision Problems

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

November 24, 2016

Elderly Care in Beaver PA

Restricting your elderly loved one’s ability to go on errands or other outings when she’s got vision problems doesn’t solve any issues for her. Your elderly loved one will have more confidence if you Elderly-Care-in-Beaver-PAcan bolster her independence, even with trouble seeing well.
Keep Assistive Devices Handy for Your Loved One
Depending on the degree of issues that your loved one has with her vision, a variety of assistive devices ranging from canes to simple magnifiers may be effective. No matter what your elderly loved one finds useful, keeping it handy is the best way to ensure that it’s ready when she needs it. Make sure that your loved one can find the item that she needs in her bag, for example, or in her pockets.
Announce Obstacles if You’re Walking with Her
For anyone who is walking with your loved one, spotting and helping her avoid obstacles is a key duty. Have your loved one hold your arm or shoulder and then let her know what is approaching. Obstacles to announce can include steps, holes, or even simply uneven patches in the path ahead.
Make Sure that She’s Got Access to Funds
Whether your elderly loved one goes out on her own or with other family members, it’s important that she has cash or other funds in case she runs into a situation. In the case of cash, it can help to fold each denomination of bill a certain way. Unlike coins, bills are all the same size and shape, so they can be difficult to differentiate. For credit or debit cards, consider using a bright sticker or a raised dot of glue to help your loved one determine the right card.
Hire Elderly Care Providers to Go with Her
For true peace of mind for yourself, you may want to consider hiring elderly care providers for your elderly loved one. That way, when she goes out and about, you know that there is someone there with her who is paying the highest attention to her needs.
As your loved one has positive experiences, she’ll be much more willing to go out and about.

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