5 Ways to Make Your Parent’s Bedroom More Conducive to Sleep

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

August 19, 2016

Elderly Care in Mt. Lebanon PA

Getting enough sleep is vital to both mental and physical health. If your aging parent is not getting the sleep that they need, it is important for you to take steps to help them get more restful Elderly-Care-in-Mt.-Lebanon-PAand restorative sleep each day. One effective way that you can do this is by making meaningful modifications to their bedroom that promote better sleep.
Some of these modifications include:

  • Calm with color. The colors in your parent’s bedroom can have a major impact on their ability to calm down and go to sleep. Bright colors and bold patterns awaken and stimulate the mind, while dark colors can have a depressing, disruptive effect. Instead, choose colors that are calming and soothing, such as white, light blue, light green, or pink. These promote a sense of serenity, calm, and relaxation.
  • Reduce sources of light. The brain naturally responds to light by waking up. This is part of the circadian rhythms and is an inborn trait. This is why it is easier for you to wake up when the sun comes in the window than when it is cloudy or there is a curtain over it. Even the smallest amount of light can disrupt your parent’s sleeping, so turn off their main sources of light and look around to see if there are other light sources that could be keeping them from getting to sleep. This could be an alarm clock, a DVD player, a computer, or even a bright nightlight in another room. Remove these sources or diminish them as much as possible.
  • Keep it cool. Everyone wants to feel warm and cozy when they go to sleep, but if you make their bedroom to warm it could make it difficult for your parent to rest. Instead, keep the temperature of the room itself cool and encourage your parent to dress lightly when they go to bed. Then provide plenty of blankets so that they can customize their sleep environment to help them relax, then shed the extra layers later if they get too warm.
  • Choose the right pillows. There are many different types of pillows available on the market and choosing the right one for your aging parent could make a tremendous impact on the quality of their sleep. Every person sleeps slightly differently and has different comfort needs, so try different types of pillows to find the one that offers the appropriate support, positioning, and temperature for your loved one to sleep soundly.
  • Consider the mattress. Mattresses are not a one-time-only purchase. In fact, most mattresses are designed to only last between 8 and 10 years, though some of the most advanced and expensive can last up to 20. If your parent has had their bed for longer than this, they might be struggling to sleep because their mattress is no longer as comfortable as it once was. Visit a mattress store and have your parent try different options to find the one that addresses their specific sleeping challenges and preferences so that they are prepared for better, more restful, and healthier sleep.

If your parent is struggling to get the sleep that they need, starting elderly care for them can be an extremely beneficial decision. An elderly home care services provider can come into the home and be awake and alert as they prepare for bed and then throughout the night to help your parent to not only get to sleep, but to stay safe and secure if they are not able to sleep. This can be especially beneficial for those seniors who have conditions that might put them at increased risk at night, such as sundowners, wandering tendencies, or Parkinson’s disease.

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