Four Relaxation Tips for Caregivers Getting Burned Out

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

July 19, 2018

Feeling as though you’re at the end of your rope is not an easy thing for most people to handle. For the average family caregiver, getting burned out becomes more likely the longer they are needed and the more support they have to offer. By ignoring caregiver stress, though, most of these family caregivers will only make things worse, either for themselves, the person relying on them, their family and friends, or all of the above.

Elderly Care in Upper St. Clair PA: Caregiver Health
Elderly Care in Upper St. Clair PA: Caregiver Health

In order to deal with caregiver stress properly, it’s important to understand there are many different types of relaxation strategies that can be effective. Below are four simple tips that might help many of these family members get some relief from the stress they’re feeling while taking care of this other individual.
Relaxation Tip #1: Get moving.
Staying active is incredibly important, but this relaxation tip is not simply referring to exercise, which is highlighted in Tip #3. However, it is emphasizing the importance of getting up, getting moving, and getting into one’s own life.
There are probably many things a family caregiver has given up to look after this individual, whether it’s a spouse, elderly parent, disabled child, or someone else in the family. If they have given up hobbies, spending time with friends, going for a simple afternoon walks, or anything else, it’s time to begin taking those up again.
A lot of people assume this is impossible because of their limited time constraints, but with home care support, it is possible.
Relaxation Tip #2: Breathe.
Taking time to simply breathe, relax, and clear your mind is important, but rarely in our modern hustle and bustle society do we take time to do this. Just 10 or 15 minutes at the end of the day, sitting by yourself, either while taking a bath or in a room with the lights turned low, some candles burning, and when you’ve told everyone else around you to simply give you some space, just breathe.
Try to clear thoughts out of your head and you should find your body beginning to relax a little bit.
Relaxation Tip #3: Exercise.
Exercise not only strengthens the heart and other muscles in the body, it also helps to release important chemicals in the brain, including endorphins which help to reduce stress and make people feel better.
For those who don’t think you have time for exercise, they need to visit the notion of home care support.
Relaxation Tip #4: A nice, hot bubble bath.
Again, many people don’t believe you have time for something like this, but you need to make time. If the family caregiver doesn’t make time for these ‘little things’ in life, the stress will simply take a more significant toll on their health, life, work, relationships, and so much more.

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