Benefits of Hiring a Home Care Provider

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

November 18, 2016

Home Care in Mt. Lebanon PA

Caring for an elderly parent yourself may not be an option for you due to your career, family responsibilities, or other obligations. If this is not something you or your other family members can help with, there is no need to feel guilty. A professional home care provider can offer the same quality of care that you or other relatives could provide. These experienced caregivers have been Home-Care-in-Mt.-Lebanon-PAtrained to handle a number of caregiving situations. If you are still on the fence as to whether or not you should hire the home care provider, here are some reasons why you absolutely should.

  • Help with the day-to-day tasks. From helping with lighthouse work and hardworking to preparing meals and assisting with their finances, caregivers are available to make your loved one’s life much easier.
  • Are able to detach themselves from the elder. Many family members are unable to turn off their emotions when caring for an elderly loved one. They tend to let their past feelings get in the way of their loved one’s care. A professional senior care provider is able to detach themselves from these emotions in order to put the elder’ scare first.
  • Offer personalized care. If the senior were to go to a nursing home, they would have to split the attention given to them by caregivers with other elders. A home care provider will come directly to the elder’s home, offering him one-on-one attention and care.
  • Communicates with the elder’s medical team. Due to your grueling schedule, you may not be able to attend a doctor appointment. Fortunately the elderly care provider can. They will not only be able to attend these appointments, but will also be able to communicate the status of your loved one’s health with you and other family members.
  • Helps with personal care. In-home care providers are also able to assist with the personal care of your loved one. This means they can help bathe, feed, dress, and assist with bathroom needs.
  • Encourages outings. The senior may have mobility issues or other physical problems, but it is still important that they leave their home every once in a while. The caregiver can encourage them to do this through frequent walks, classes at the senior center, or social activities.
  • Offers companionship. Living alone can get lonely. An elder care provider can fill the gap by giving the elder another person to talk to, eat with, and communicate to.

With these benefits in mind, you can now feel good knowing that you are leaving your loved one in the care of an experienced, trained professional.

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