What Are the Best Strategies to Use When Talking to a Loved One about Other Care Options?

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

September 2, 2016

Home Care in Robinson Township PA

When you’re stretched too thin and you’re worried about your loved one’s safety and health, other care options, such as hiring home care providers, can become a big topic. It’s also an important Home-Care-in-Robinson-Township-NJone to discuss with your loved one. These ideas can help you to have the conversation the right way.
Choose the Time Wisely
When you have the talk can almost be more important than what you say or how you say it. If you choose a time when your loved one is already stressed, that can make the conversation go wrong before it’s even begun. Also, don’t wait until your loved one’s health is seriously compromised to have this kind of discussion. Your loved one will not be in the right frame of mind and could possibly have health problems severe enough to make these kinds of discussions impossible.
Location Can Be Just as Important
Where you have this talk is a big deal, too. You don’t want to make your loved one feel intimidated or as if you’ve been waiting to ambush her. The location needs to be one in which calm, even, and loving conversations can take place and where your loved one doesn’t feel out of control. A private location, such as her home or yours, can be a good place for this kind of talk. You definitely don’t want to have this conversation in a public place where your loved one feels that just anyone could listen in.
Select a Spokesperson
If everyone is talking all at once during the conversation, your loved one is more likely to feel that everyone is ganging up on her. That’s a horrible feeling for anyone, but your loved one might interpret this as the family trying to take away her independence or to shove her to the side. Having one person, preferably your loved one’s primary family caregiver, leading the conversation can help to keep everything calm and supportive.
Be Clear about Why This Talk Is Important
Have some specific examples to help you be clear about why this talk is an important one to have. This can be as simple as letting your loved one know that you’re worried about her while you’re at work all day and having home care providers come in can put your mind at ease. Even if this is something your loved one doesn’t feel she needs, understanding why you feel it’s important can make a difference.
If you find that now is actually not the right time for the talk, step back and regroup. You can try again at another time.

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