Five Ways to Enrich Your Senior’s Life

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

October 30, 2018

Enriching your elderly family member’s daily life means that you’re giving him reasons to stay engaged and involved in what’s going on. Everyone has different interests and variety is important. Having help from senior care providers can make these enrichment ideas even easier.

Home Care in Mt. Lebanon PA: Enrich Your Senior's Life
Home Care in Mt. Lebanon PA: Enrich Your Senior’s Life

Make Hobbies Easy
The easier that hobbies are to engage in, the more likely your elderly family member will be to give them a try. Hobbies don’t have to be complicated, either. They can be as simple as putting family photos onto pre-made scrapbooking pages. The idea is to make sure that your senior can easily access what he needs when he feels like giving a particular hobby a try.
Schedule Outings
Outings are a way to give your elderly family member and you something to look forward to doing together. Even if you can’t go on these outings with him, it’s still something interesting and different that he may enjoy. he might enjoy planning different types of outings with friends, other family members, and even senior care providers.
Eat Meals Together
Eating meals together is a vital way to reconnect with your aging adult and with other family members. If you can make eating together a ritual of sorts, with no devices and actual conversation, then eating together becomes something you all can look forward to. Other family members might be able to stop in to eat with your senor during the day, especially if you have to be elsewhere during the day.
Help Him Meet New People
Another way to beat isolation is to help your senior to meet new people. His friends can move away or even pass away and that can leave him with a much smaller friend circle than in the past. Meeting new people is an important part of life at any age. Your elderly family member might enjoy finding other people who share his interests.
Do Separate Activities Together
Something you might not think about as an option, especially if you and your senior have different interests, is that you can enjoy those separate activities together. Your elderly family member might enjoy knitting while you sit with him and read. Sometimes those activities might overlap, but enjoying time together, even quietly, is powerful.
Talk to your senior about what would help him to feel enriched. Some of the answers that you might get from him could be different than you expect them to be and that’s a good thing. By asking and by paying attention to his answers, you’re helping your senior to continue to have some control over his life.
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