Senior Care – 4 Foods Seniors Should Avoid

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

July 6, 2017

Home Care Services in Fox Chapel PA: Keeping your Senior Healthy
Home Care Services in Fox Chapel PA: Keeping your Senior Healthy

If you have had food poisoning, you will know that it is no walk in the park. It is terrible, painful, and disgusting, and in some cases, it may even land you in the hospital.  These things can be even worse for seniors, because they have a weakened immune system.  Their bodies may not be able to handle the torture that comes with food poisoning, and they could end up with problems that are even more severe – or even deadly.
Seniors are at a higher risk of food poisoning due to said problems with their immune system, so it is important that you and their senior care aide do everything you can to keep them from consuming food that could make them sick.
Here are four foods that your senior loved-one should avoid eating in order to stave off food poisoning and other complications:
Bean sprouts – I know, many people wouldn’t want to eat this in the first place. Many vegetarians and vegans often eat bean sprouts, and some websites even recommend them as a part of your senior’s healthy diet. Bean sprouts are cultivated in warm, moist conditions that make the sprout grow, however, these conditions can also make bacteria grow. This bacteria thrives on the bean sprouts, and if they are not cooked properly, they could get into your loved-one’s body and wreak havoc. If your loved-one absolutely has to have bean sprouts, make sure to cook them until they are absolutely steaming hot inside and out, to make sure that the bacteria have been eliminated.
Raw shellfish – Raw shellfish, like oysters, can contain parasites that would just love to run amok inside your loved-one’s intestinal tract. If your loved-one must eat shellfish, make sure that it has been properly cooked for the correct length of time, at the correct temperature. That should be enough to kill off the parasites and make it safe for them to consume.
Raw, rare, or undercooked meat and poultry – These things can make anyone sick. Bacteria like E.coli and salmonella simply adore living in raw meat, and undercooking said meat only prolongs their lifespan. Never serve a senior a rare steak, or raw or undercooked meat or poultry in any form, as they might not be able to fight off the germs inside it.
Raw or undercooked eggs – Again, raw eggs could give anyone salmonella, but since seniors are at a higher risk for food poisoning, they might have a harder time fighting it off. Avoid things like homemade mayonnaise and egg nog, as these may contain undercooked eggs. If you want to cook an egg, make sure that it is cooked until both the yolk and the egg whites are solid.
No matter what you or your senior care aide decide to cook for your aging loved-one, make sure it is cooked thoroughly.  Undercooked foods are at the highest risk for food poisoning, as are foods that have been left out for an extended period of time.  These rules should also apply to your own food because you certainly don’t want to get food poisoning either!

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