How to Help Your Bedridden Senior Get Comfortable

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

February 7, 2019

It’s frustrating for your senior when she’s confined to her bed. She runs the risk of developing pressure sores and she needs lots of help getting and staying comfortable. Here are some tricks you can try.

Home Care Services in Sewickley PA: Help Your Bedridden Senior
Home Care Services in Sewickley PA: Help Your Bedridden Senior

When your elderly family member lies on her side, her knees and ankles might bump against each other painfully. To alleviate that problem, use a small pillow or a rolled towel in between those joints. This helps to prop the top leg up a little bit and gives cushioning to both joints.

Use Cushioning Between Her Knees

Use Long Pillows to Prop Her on Her Side

Your senior might find that she’s comfortable at a bit of an angle rather than straight on her side. If you use a long body pillow behind her, she can lean a bit on that pillow and that gives her a more comfortable angle. It also helps to keep her from rolling flat onto her back.

Raise the Foot of the Bed or Prop Her Knees

If you’re using an adjustable bed, try raising the foot of the bed a little bit. This helps to relieve pressure on your elderly family member’s knees, ankles, and hips. You’re not out of luck if the bed isn’t adjustable, though. Try a pillow under your senior’s knees that allows them to bend just enough to be comfortable.

Balancing Pillows Properly Helps to Relieve Pressure on Joints

Where you put some of these pillows can really make a difference, too. For instance, if you’re trying to help alleviate pressure on her heels, place the pillow up toward her ankle more. This allows her feet to hang supported over the edge without creating other problems. You may need to try different placements to find exactly what’s most comfortable for your elderly family member.

Reposition Your Senior Every Couple of Hours

To avoid pressure sores you definitely need to make adjustments regularly. Careful repositioning keeps your senior’s weight from pressing too long in one spot. Something to keep in mind is that if your elderly family member doesn’t look as if she’s comfortable then she probably isn’t comfortable at all. Talk to her regularly about her comfort level so you can help her to adjust.

Working with home care providers can help you to get up to speed quickly on assisting your elderly family member with getting more comfortable. It’s also much easier for you to take time away from caregiving when you know that there will be someone there who can help her to stay comfortable and meet other needs.

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