Can Home Care Providers Assist With Laundry? 

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

November 14, 2018

Elderly adults prefer to age in their own home so they can be comfortable and surrounded by familiar items. However, when physical or mental health issues cause them to struggle with some of the daily tasks needed to stay healthy, clean and unharmed, it can cause family caregivers to worry. One of the most obvious daily tasks that seniors let go of is keeping up with the laundry.

Home Health Care in Sewickley PA: Help With Laundry
Home Health Care in Sewickley PA: Help With Laundry

Laundry may seem like a simple task, but just about everyone struggles to stay on top of it, no matter what their age.
Elderly adults that have physical or mental health challenges may find it very hard to successfully deal with their household laundry every week. After all, laundry requires lifting, bending, and more, which many seniors simply cannot do. There is the risk of a slip and fall accident as well. Family caregivers can hire a home care provider to help out with the laundry, among other household tasks.
If laundry is neglected it can affect the aging adult’s health. When clothes are work too long, they pick up dirt and oils from the body and the environment. Without regular cleaning, these become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Dirty clothes can lead to skin conditions, body odor and even infections. When it comes to appearance, wearing dirty clothes can make seniors feel ashamed, embarrassed or angry. The home care provider can ensure that there’s always clean laundry in the house so the elderly adult can stay clean and healthy.
There are many different reasons why elderly adults may neglect the laundry:

  • Dislike for the task
  • Physical limitations
  • Laundry facilities are hard to reach
  • Battle for control
  • Dulled sense of smell
  • Boredom, grief or depression
  • Forgetfulness
  • Cognitive decline

Doing the laundry requires all kinds of actions spread over the course of a day or two.
Besides washing and drying clothes, a home care provider can fold or iron them and put them away. Bedding is an often overlooked part of laundry, but home care providers can strip the sheets and pillowcases and replace them with fresh and clean ones. Changing out towels, dishcloths, throw blankets, and more are also important for a clean and tidy home.
When elderly people reach a certain limit on what they can do for themselves, family members should hire a home care provider to work with them. The home care provider can take care of so many daily tasks that ensure the aging adult is comfortable, safe, clean and content. Including laundry in the list of duties and services for the home care provider makes a lot of sense. Not only will the elderly person look better, but they’ll also feel better with regularly cleaned laundry.
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