How Flowers Could Improve Your Mom’s Emotional Health

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

March 29, 2018

When Molly’s mom grew old and needed help, Molly became her caregiver. Sometimes Molly worried that her mom would be lonely or depressed on her own, so she looked for ways to brighten up her mom’s days. One of the ways she did this was to bring her mom a bouquet of flowers about once a week. She loved the way her elderly mom’s eyes lit up each time she walked through the door carrying brightly colored flowers. There was no doubt that the flowers made her mom happy, but what Molly didn’t know was that there is actual scientific proof behind the emotional benefits of flowers.

Homecare in Mt. Lebanon: Flowers To Improve Mental Health
Homecare in Mt. Lebanon: Flowers To Improve Mental Health

Rutgers Study Results
A ten-month study conducted at Rutgers University looked at how the presence of flowers impacted the emotions of participants.
They discovered the following benefits of receiving flowers:
Immediate Impact: The researchers observed people as they received flowers and determined that all of the participants smiled when the flowers were presented. There was no difference between age groups.
Long-Term Effect: After receiving flowers, the participants reported that they felt less depressed, agitated, or anxious. They also said they enjoyed life more and were more satisfied.
Connections: When participants received flowers, they were more likely to initiate contact with friends or families.
In addition to observing the reactions of the participants, the researchers also looked at where they placed the flowers in their home. Usually, the flowers were put in rooms that visitors would have access to, such as the living room or dining room. This suggests that the flower recipients wanted to share their flowers, and thus their good feelings.
Another study showed that flowers placed in hospital rooms needed less pain medication after an operation. The researchers also discovered that blood pressure and heart rate were lower. The patients were also less anxious and had a more positive outlook.
Which Flowers to Choose
When choosing flowers for an elderly relative, a caregiver’s first thought should be for the preferences of the older adult. Consider the kinds of flowers they like and their favorite colors. Also, keep in mind that brightly colored flowers tend to be energizing, while those with more subtle colors are soothing.
Of course, purchasing flowers can be an added expense for caregivers. One way caregivers can reduce costs is to purchase flowers from the farmers market or even the grocery store. Caregivers can also get potted plants that flower, such as violets or hibiscus.

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