Safety Tips at Home for Seniors

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

December 11, 2015

Senior Care in Pittsburgh PA

Choosing an elder care provider can help ensure older loved ones are safe and taken care of by caring and competent professionals. In addition, there are many safety issues you need to consider Senior-Care-Pittsburgh-PAto help make sure your loved ones are safe in their own home.
Maintaining independence is important for many seniors as they get older and begin to have trouble taking care of themselves. When considering how to make sure your loved ones are safe, you need to focus on communication. Talk with your loved one about the future and the best way to move forward. Seeking in-home care providers to help check on seniors and make sure they are taken care of is a great way to provide a more independent lifestyle.
First, consider the goal you would like to achieve when talking to elderly loved ones about safety. Are you worried about them leaving the stove on or forgetting to lock the door? Are you more concerned about financial safety or driving? Before speaking to your senior loved ones, write down your questions and concerns and come up with some solutions you can discuss. Often an easy solution is to help your loved one find senior care providers who will come to the home and help with everyday tasks.
Next, make some simple alterations around the house to help reduce some of the safety issues. This can include:

  • Making sure the lighting in the home is easily accessible and on timers.
  • Throwing out clutter or other items that may create a trip hazard for your elderly loved one.
  • Installing safety features in the bathroom and kitchen. Grab bars are an inexpensive way to give your older loved ones more confidence when living independently.
  • Hiring someone to take care of sidewalks in the winter and lawn care in the summer.

Although you may have reservations about allowing your older loved ones to remain at home once they begin to need extra help taking care of themselves and their residence, choosing an elder care provider can give you peace of mind. Professionals who are trained to work with older adults and help them complete household tasks will give both you and your loved ones a sense of satisfaction. Home care is one of the best and sometimes least expensive solutions to provide extra help around the house.
Making sure your elderly loved ones are safe and well taken care of will allow you to get on with your own life instead of worrying about a fall, fire, or intrusion when loved ones are home. Consider checking out an elder care provider who can answer your questions and give you the help you need and the independence your older loved ones deserve.

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