How Can You Help Your Elderly Loved One Stay Mobile in Her Home?

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

May 11, 2017

Elderly Care in Monroeville PA: Staying Mobile
Elderly Care in Monroeville PA: Staying Mobile

Mobility is essential for helping your elderly loved one to stay safe at home. If your loved one isn’t able to get around safely, she may have to start considering other options and those can seriously hamper her independence.
Look for Areas Where Your Loved One Has Trouble.
Your loved one may have more difficulty with mobility in certain areas of her home than she has in other areas. Talk with her and observe how she moves and operates in the house to see where she has the most difficulty. Let your loved one know that you’re looking for ways to help her stay safe and mobile. She’ll be more motivated to help you find difficult areas.
Thresholds and Doorways.
Thresholds and doorways can be an issue for some seniors with mobility problems. Your loved one might find even a slight raise in the threshold causes a tripping hazard or she might have difficulty navigating easily with a wheeled walker. Using rubber threshold ramps can make that obstacle disappear for her.
Door Knobs and Latches.
Arthritis and other health problems can make it difficult for your loved one to open door knobs or turn latches on her own. Look for modification tools to reduce or remove those difficulties entirely. Practice with your loved one to make sure that the solution does actually solve the problem for her.
Grab Bars and Hand Rails.
Hand rails and grab bars are essential in slippery areas, such as the bathtub, but they’re also handy in other areas of the house. Look for any places where your loved one is using furniture to get around safely in the house. Those are prime spots for adding hand rails. Be sure to install them so that they’re parallel to the floor and at a good height for your loved one to grasp.
Using Mobility Aids.
Some elderly loved ones are reluctant to use mobility aids at home, but they can help your loved one to stay independent. Talk to your loved one about using the least invasive mobility aids that she’ll tolerate at home so that you can feel more confident in her ability to get around her home safely.
Your loved one may feel safer if there’s someone there with her during the day, too. Hiring elderly care providers can give you both peace of mind when you can’t be there with your loved one.

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