Helping a Senior Who Resolves to Eat a Healthier Diet

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

December 20, 2018

The new year is coming, and that means a fresh start. As a family caregiver, this is a fantastic opportunity to sit down with your parent and think of ways you can improve their care, their lifestyle, and their health and well-being moving forward. There are many ways you can do this, but one that is particularly impactful and also accessible is helping them to eat a healthier diet.

Caregiver in Fox Chapel PA: Healthier Diet
Caregiver in Fox Chapel PA: Healthier Diet

Resolving to eat a healthier more balanced diet that includes the nutrients their body needs to thrive can help your aging parent resist health issues, manage and cope with the health issues they already have in a more effective way, enjoy more energy, maintain a healthy weight, and more. You can make a major difference in your parent’s ability to work toward a healthier diet, and even benefit yourself in the process.

Some ways you can help a senior who resolves to eat a healthier diet include:

-Talk to their doctor about their dietary restrictions and how you can support them in following these restrictions while boosting the nutrients they get on a regular basis.

-Talk to your senior about their favorite foods and flavors so together you can research recipes that allow them to continue to enjoy some of their favorites while getting the nutrients that they need and avoiding components they don’t .

-Learn how to read nutritional labels and work with your parent to get familiar with the labels, what they mean, and how to effectively utilize the information on them to balance their diet.

-If your parent struggles with getting to the grocery store or would prefer easier access to healthy food they can prepare on their own, consider looking into a meal preparation subscription for them. These services deliver boxes of pre-measured ingredients to make it easier for your loved one at to prepare a healthy and delicious meal in their own home.

-Talk to them about the benefits of having elderly care. A care provider can assist with grocery shopping and meal preparation to make it easier for your parent to eat a healthy diet on a regular basis.

Being a family caregiver for your aging parent is not just about running errands for them or making sure they get to the doctor on time.
Instead, it is about them as a whole individual. This means approaching thei limitations and challenges, but also recognizing mental and emotional needs, respecting their desire for independence, and helping them to find fulfillment in their daily life. One of the most effective ways you can pursue this goal is starting elderly care for them.

An elderly home care services provider steps into your parent’s life to offer completely customizable services specifically designed to give them their best life as they age in place. This means giving reminders and supporting choices that help them cope with their health needs, encouraging them to eat well and stay hydrated, offering mobility support that keeps them safe as they navigate their home and stay physically active, offering companionship and mental stimulation to support cognitive functioning and emotional well-being, and providing transportation that lets them engage in the world around them, and more.

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