How Can You Eat Healthy While on the Go as a Caregiver?

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

April 14, 2017

Caregiver in Upper St. Clair PA: How Can You Eat Healthy While on the Go as a Caregiver?

Being a family caregiver often means that you’re up and running from the moment your alarm goes off. That can also mean that you’re grabbing convenience foods here and there as you can. That’s no way to fuel your body, though, especially with all the demands you place on yourself.
Plan, Plan, Plan
Chances are good that you plan out all of your loved one’s meals and snacks according to her health needs. Start doing the same for yours. While you’re planning, make some smart selections for yourself, too. Look at what you’ll be having for meals and snacks. If you and your loved one eat the same meals, be sure to include snacks for yourself that are portable and easy to eat.
Prep in Advance
One big reason that people, especially busy people, tend to go for convenience foods is that they’re convenient. Healthier options often take a little bit of prep work. Vegetables, for example, need washing and sometimes chopping and portioning. Nuts are a great snack, but they usually come in a large container. So take a few minutes each week and start prepping these healthier options to make them just as easy as convenience foods.
Listen to Your Body
Your body will tell you what it needs and what it wants, if you’ll listen to it. When you start feeding your body healthier choices, it will start to crave those because that’s where it gets the most nutrients. You might even find that you’re less hungry when you’re making better food choices, simply because your body is actually getting fed now.
Work with a Nutritionist
Changing your eating habits is overwhelming, that’s for sure. If you’re finding it to be too complicated, talk to your doctor about working with a nutritionist. She can help you to sort through your dietary needs and your lifestyle and come up with an eating plan that fits you like a glove. Meal planning and preparation won’t feel nearly as cumbersome once you have a solid system in place to choose the right food combinations.
You may not start making all the right food choices immediately, and that’s okay. What you’re looking for is to gradually make better choices to keep your body properly fueled.

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