Why Isn’t Your Senior Eating Well Anymore?

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

October 25, 2018

There might come a time when you start to notice that your senior has lost quite a bit of weight. This often means that she’s not eating as well as she should be.

Elder Care in Beaver PA: Is Your Senior Eating
Elder Care in Beaver PA: Is Your Senior Eating

Eating Is Uncomfortable or Painful for Her
Eating can become painful for your senior in multiple ways. She may have side effects from medication that change how food tastes to her, making formerly tasty foods unpalatable now. Or your senior may have difficulty chewing or swallowing, which can even make eating more dangerous for her. Determining what hurts or is uncomfortable about eating helps you to find a possible solution.
She Just Doesn’t Feel Hungry
It’s also possible that your senior just don’t feel hungry the same way that she used to in the past. Again, side effects from medications can affect her appetite, even to the point that she rarely if ever feels hungry. When your elderly family member doesn’t have the prompt of hunger, she may not remember to eat at all. Keeping a regular schedule for your senior’s meals can help her to get the nutrients that she needs, even if she doesn’t realize that she should eat.
She’s Not Able to Get to the Store
If you and your senior don’t live together, you may not be completely aware of how well she gets around to run errands. Getting to the grocery store can take a lot of time and energy that your senior may not have to devote to the process. As such, she may start relying on convenience foods or snack foods here and there. You or other family members may be able to take on that task for her, which can help to ensure that she’s got plenty of wholesome foods to eat.
Cooking and Eating Alone Aren’t Enjoyable
Eating on her own and cooking just for her might not be much fun for your senior, even if she is hungry and eating isn’t painful for her. If you and other family members have the time, you might want to work out a schedule where you all take turns cooking for her. Another option is to hire home care services who can prepare and cook meals for your senior. Eating with your senior as often as you can,¬†will also help.
Your senior may be experiencing more than one of these issues, too, so it’s worth investigating to make sure that you can resolve as many of her concerns as possible.
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