What Can You Do for an Elderly Loved One Who Is Tired All the Time?

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

December 16, 2016

Elder Care in Beaver PA

When you’re tired all the time, you don’t feel like doing much of anything and that can lead to feeling inadequate. Your elderly loved one can fall into that same trap. If your loved one is feeling Elder-Care-in-Beaver-PAmuch more tired than usual, try some of these suggestions to get her energy levels back up.
Solve Underlying Health Issues
Your very first step is to talk to your elderly loved one’s doctor and make sure that any underlying health issues get resolved. Your loved one’s doctor may need to run tests or gather data, so it might take more than one visit in order to get to the bottom of the situation.
Start an Exercise Plan
When your loved one is already tired, she may not be excited about starting an exercise plan, but it can actually help. Talk to her doctor about the types and frequency of the exercise that best fit her current health and then get going. If you exercise together, you’ll both have more fun.
Check Her Water Intake
Most people, and probably also your elderly loved one, don’t drink enough water. One of the symptoms of dehydration can be increased tiredness. Getting enough water every day can be just what your loved one needs to start feeling like herself again. Talk to your loved one’s doctor about how much water is just right for your loved one to be drinking and then keep it available for her.
Set up a Sleep Schedule
If your elderly loved one doesn’t have a set sleep schedule already, she may find that she’s having trouble sleeping when she should and being awake when she should be. Try setting a time for bed and a time for getting up every day and then stick with the schedule. The human body responds really well to a schedule, but it can take a little while for your loved one to adapt to a new schedule.
Keep a Food Diary
Your loved one’s choice in foods can also make a big difference as to whether she’s feeling overly tired or not. Try keeping a food diary for a week or two to see what your loved one is eating and when. Looking for trends in how she’s feeling versus what she’s eating can help you to see exactly what you can do to help her to eat more healthily.
Ask your loved one’s other family members and elder care providers to help out with figuring out what’s causing her fatigue, too. More than one mind can help find a solution much faster.

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