How to Take a Mental Health Day

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

April 1, 2016

Elder Care in Fox Chapel PA

If you’ve ever heard the expression “mental health day,” you may have wondered just what that entails. Mental health days are different for everyone, but they’re overall a way for you to back awayElder-Care-in-Fox-Chapel-PA from the things in your regular daily schedule that are causing you stress. Having a different routine for just one day can be exactly what you need in order to relax and refresh yourself so that you’re able to be there for the people that you love.
Listen to Your Emotions and to Your Body
Sometimes it isn’t easy to know when you should be taking a mental health day. The best way to know that it’s time to work one into your schedule is to listen to your body and your emotions. If you’re feeling extremely stressed or your body seems to have more complaints than usual, a mental health day is a good idea.
Be Generous with Yourself
Often family caregivers are hesitant to take a full day to relax and to recharge themselves. Chances are that you are extremely busy between caring for your elderly loved one, managing your home and family, and taking care of any other obligations, such as your career. At that point, taking a mental health day isn’t as much about taking a break as it is giving yourself the essential space that you need to be able to be there for everyone else in your life.
Don’t Overschedule Yourself
When you finally do take a mental health day, roll with the punches. Some people think that it’s a good idea to schedule in all the things they’ve wanted to do, but having too much of a schedule can keep you feeling like you’re following a set schedule. Try to relax and just do what you feel like doing instead of what you think you should be doing.
Make Mental Health Days a Regular Part of Your Life
If you can make mental health days a regular part of your schedule, do it. This isn’t an easy task for everyone to do, of course. Having access to additional help, such as elder care providers or other family members can make a huge difference. When you’re able to focus on your own health and well-being, you’re able to be a more present family caregiver for your loved one.
Once you start taking regular mental health days, you may be surprised how effective they are.

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