How Do You Get the Support You Need When Your Parent Has Alzheimer’s?

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

April 26, 2018

Alzheimer’s is not an easy diagnosis to hear. Your mom or dad has been diagnosed with this type of dementia. It’s all new and frightening. What do you do now?

Elderly Care in Cranberry Twp. PA: Support for Alzheimer's
Elderly Care in Cranberry Twp. PA: Support for Alzheimer’s

It’s not an easy disease. Every patient is different, so your mom may suddenly hate any foods containing onions. Your dad may suddenly refuse to wear denim, and his closet only has jeans. One thing is clear. As you offer support and care to your mom or dad, you need support, too. Here are ways to get the support you need.
Find Your Local Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association
The Alzheimer’s Association has support groups in every state. Visit and search for your local chapter. These support groups can help you navigate things you’re currently experiencing with your mom and dad and help you prepare for things that may appear in the next weeks and months.
Join the Caregivers Forum at ALZ Connected
There’s an online forum where people in the same situation share advice, concerns, or simply vent. ALZ Connected can be a great tool for getting support if you can’t find time to drive to support groups that are miles or the nearest group is not close enough. The online group also gives you a chance to discuss things using a username, which gives you a level of anonymity when discussing your parent’s disease.
Contact a Local Senior Center
Many communities have support groups and programs for various health conditions and seniors in general. Contact your local senior center about programs for your mom or dad and other family members.
One option that may be suggested is an adult day program. It’s a program that allows people with chronic health conditions to socialize in a safe, managed setting while their family caregiver works or runs errands. Trained caregivers are on-hand for assistance with meals and personal care.
Hire Home Care Services
Home care services can seem like a double-edged sword. Having access to caregivers is extremely vital. It’s the best way to get respite care and spend time with your significant other, children, or friends without worrying about your mom or dad being alone in your absence.
Unless your parent qualifies for Medicaid, most home care services end up being out-of-pocket expenses. Even with Medicaid, there can be limitations. Talk to a home care agency and find out what the fees are and how to make caregivers affordable for you and your parent. You really need to take this step sooner rather than later.

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