How Can You Inspire Your Senior to Drink More Water?

By Robert D. Liken CPC, CTS, President

August 30, 2018

Almost everyone needs to drink more water, including your aging adult.
But that’s not always a flavorful or fun option and it can get old pretty quickly. Here are some ways you can make hydrating a little more interesting for your aging adult.

Homecare in Monroeville PA: Drink More Water
Homecare in Monroeville PA: Drink More Water

Get Creative about Finding Places to Include Fluids
There are a lot of ways to keep your senior hydrated beyond just having her drink plain water. Most beverages contain plenty of water, but what you have to be careful about are the other ingredients. Lots of salt, sugar, and caffeine in some of these beverages can have other effects on your senior. Try to increase water intake without increasing some of the more harmful ingredients.
Make Sure Water Is Easy to Access
Having easy access to water is a big way to ensure that it’s more appealing. Keeping several different water bottles in some of your senior’s favorite spots can help, for instance. Also, if he prefers chilled water, keeping ice in those bottles or refrigerating a pitcher of water can be helpful, too.
Try Different Flavorings and Types of Beverages
There are a ton of different water flavoring options available now. You need to be careful about ingredients with those, too. Read the labels to ensure that there aren’t ingredients that your senior shouldn’t have, such as higher sugar levels. Herbal teas can be a nice option, especially iced during hot weather.
Sipping Broth Is Another Way to Hydrate
Low-sodium beef, chicken, or vegetable broth can be another option. This might be helpful before lunch or dinner, too. This gives your senior a more savory option when it comes to hydrating. He might enjoy this especially as the weather starts to cool down more.
Find Ways to Make Hydrating More Fun
There are also ways that you can sneak in hydration and make it more fun. Making smoothies or milkshakes can offer hydration as well as other nutrients, plus they can be really tasty. Making popsicles from herbal teas can also be a fun way to get a little burst of flavor and know that your senior is hydrating, too.
If you and your senior are still having trouble keeping her properly hydrated, working with elderly care providers can help. They can help you to find even more ways to hydrate your senior that might work well for her. It’s sometimes about keeping up with all sorts of different ways and methods.

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